About Us

Rosyrime Exports Pvt.Ltd

Rosyrime Export private limited is registered under company act of the Indian government located at Bhavnagar (Gujarat) India.


We deal with a wide variety of quality products from India to around world like Fresh fruits, Fresh vegetables, Spices (whole/powder), All type of Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice, Dehydrated products, all type of flours, Pulses, Ready to eat products.


At Rosyrime Export, we understand that “there is enough for everyone”; thus, Rosyrime Export works on the benefits of not only its shareholders but also customers, local farmers, and all other related parties.


Domestically, Rosyrime Export private limited is working closely with local farmers to increase the yield, quality, and value of Indian agricultural products. Our mission is to bring our customer’s satisfaction by providing them with high-quality products at reasonable price along with friendly service and professional support throughout their journey with us.

Why Choose us


Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

100% Natural

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Curated Products

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

Modern Farm

Made with passion by 300+ curators across the country.

Alway Fresh

Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.


Chemical free consumption IN and ON your body.

Our Mission

To become a leading fruit, nut, and spice exporter in the region with world-class brands.

Our Vision

Offering consumers worldwide the best agricultural products in terms of quality, taste, and nourishment.


Always seeking to become better and add more value to people.


Being effective in working without wasting time, effort, or expense.


Growing in an eco-friendly path with respect to the natural environment.


Building partnerships based on trust.

Sustainable Development Strategy


At Rosyrime Export, we commit ourselves to maintain prosperity for humanity and the ecosystem. This is the vision – mission and our guide to create a positive change we desire for the world we live – a common house for everyone, a healthier, happier and more prosperous world.

Rosyrime Export believes that sustainable development and business always go hand in hand. We integrate sustainable development into our strategic business operation, improve competitive capabilities while also bring long-term interests to our stakeholders, the natural environment, and society.