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Coriander Powder


  • Chromate Test: Negative
  • Protein: 15 % Max
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Coriander is probably native to the Middle East and southern Europe, but has also been known in Asia and the Orient for millennia. It is found wild in Egypt and the Sudan, and sometimes in English fields. It is referred to in the Bible in the books of Exodus and Numbers, where the colour of ‘manna’ is compared to coriander.


Packing- As per buyer requirement

Container Load Capacity

20 Feet Container- 10 M.T.

Product Specification

Product Name Coriander Powder
Foreign Matter 0.5%
Total Ash 9% Max.
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.5% Max.
Volatile Oil 0.3 to 1%
Aresenic 5 PPB
Chromate Test Negative
Heavy Metal as lead 2.5 PPB
Aflatoxin 5 PPB
Copper 20 PPB
Zinc 50 PPB
Lead 10 PPB
Protein 15% Max