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Onion Varieties

  • Pusa Red
  • Agrifound Light Red
  • N-2-4-1 Agrifound Dark Red
  • N-53, Nasik Local
  • Bellary Red


Onion is the largest vegetable produced and consumed not only in India but also in the world. Although, it is classified as vegetable, it has special qualities, which add to taste and flavor to food and hence it is mainly used in India cuisine and culinary preparations. In addition to its use in cuisine, it is also relished in raw form with meals. Onions possess very good nutritive and medicinal values.Red Onion is known as the tastiest bulbil. These onions grow under the soil and they are harvested within a short span of time. Being a tropical crop, these are highly demanded in all the regions of the world. These onions offered by us are sourced from a reliable vendor base, ensuring their freshness and purity. We ensure that these are grown in fertile farms in safe and healthy conditions. In addition, these are free from microbial attacks, green and decayed cores.


Specification of Onion:


  • Each onion having light and dark red colour The sizes of red onion vary between 30mm to 70mm.
  • Packed in 5 Kg/10 Kg/20 kg/25 Kg mesh bag as per customer requirements.
  • 3.5 to 15 tons of red onion in one open door 20 feet box container and 40 feet box container contains 26 to 30 tons.For long duration voyage refrigerated box container are preferred.
  • 1 Kg of red onion consists of 12 to 13 onion of 45-50mm. i.e. 13.5 tons in 20 feet one door box container.