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Wheat Flour



Wheat flour is high in nutrients. Because of its fiber properties, wheat flour is the first choice of the health conscious people. Wheat flour is obtained by milling wheat.  There are various types of wheat. The differences between the flours comes down to the type of wheat, the parts of wheat included, the processing of the wheat.  We utilize best type and quality of wheat to make wheat flour. Wheat flour is used daily in most of the states in north as well as western states of India. Wheat flour is used to make rotis, parathas etc. for daily meal. There are various other uses such as in bread and other bakery products as well as in many other recipes in which wheat flour is used as main ingredient.

Wheat is the only grain with sufficient gluten content to make raised or leavened loaf of bread. Wheat flour is undoubtedly one of the most important foods in our diet, not because of its nutrition but because of our habit and we cannot eliminate wheat flour from our diet. In India, a meal is not complete with rotis and in western countries, one cannot imagine a meal without bread. No matter how badly a person would like to lose weight but he/she cannot remove wheat flour from the diet.


Packing- Multi Wall Plain PP Bag 25 kg or 50 kg

Also we will do Packing as per buyer requirement

Container Load Capacity

20 Feet Container – 24 M.T.

Product Specification

Product Name Wheat flour (Chakki Aata) Wheat flour (Maida)
Color Creamish White White
Protein 11% Min 11-13% Min
Moisture 14% Max 14% Max
Ash 1.20% Max 0.65% Max
Wet Gluten 27% Min 27% Min
Dry Gluten 8% Min 8.5% Min